Social Media Marketing

What are you doing?

Are you on ‪Facebook‬ right now for fun or to use it to your advantage?
If you run your own business, Facebook has tons to offer for ‪prospecting‬. And most of it is ‪FREE‬! Here are a couple things you can do today to start using Facebook to work towards your business’ ‪growth‬.



This will indeed get people who follow you or who look up hash-tagged‪ articles‬ to see your business info. It is scientifically proven that when a brand name is constantly & consistently put in front of people, it psychologically persuades them to eventually buy something from you. So typically when they come to the point where they need to buy something from someone, it will be you that they pay. This is why the TV commercial industry & ‪#‎SocialMedia‬ industries are booming!



Start with a dollar! Even 1 dollar a day will yield more likes to your page, on top of that it’s all from a super targeted audience! For example, Digital Dynasty would have an ad running that targets only people that have an interest in ‪Marketing‬ AND are also interested in ‪Business‬ AND‪ BusinessGrowth‬. So the ads only show to people that are interested in these 3 things. This makes each like worth much more than random page likes.
*Here’s a more successful & affordable way of doing it:
Save $1 a day for 30 days. Take the $30 and create the ad campaign. Split the $30 between a Friday & Saturday for the ad to run. Fridays & Saturdays are the hottest days online. Not only are more people online, but they are more inclined to involve themselves and interact with posts & ads.

Hope you enjoyed this free marketing ‪advice‬!

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