Search Engine Optimization

Why pay for SEO?

Ah yes, every business owner can optimize their own website for Google.

But what they don’t tell you on the DIY blogs, is how to rank your websites for the highest searched keywords in your industry.

Contrary to popular belief, this means much more than just changing a few things on your website.


Here’s What We Mean

Making a website search engine friendly isn’t enough to get more business. The quick DIY SEO tricks won’t rank you for keywords that will regularly convert customers. Let’s say for example that you’re a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, and the highest searched keyword for your business is “Las Vegas personal injury lawyers”; let’s say that keyword gets 1,000 hits per month on Google. About 40% – 50% of that traffic will click on the very first result on Google. So you being in that position, will drive 400 – 500 unique visitors to your website that are actually looking for your service.

The power behind this is jaw dropping. It’s not like paying for flyers which are sent to people that aren’t currently in need of your services. The same goes for radio, TV, and other forms of print advertising. With high traffic SEO, you’re constantly held in a position where the people that need your service will find you first; and in turn, end up calling you.


How This Can Be Applied To Your Website

To optimize a site for high traffic keywords requires an SEO professional. SEO requires proper analyzing for finding keywords that actually convert customers; and optimizing over 200 different ranking signals that Google likes to see, in order for them to make your brand the authority on the internet for any given keyword.

Search traffic converts the easiest out of any other traffic source. Think about it, these people are typing in “Las Vegas personal injury lawyers” because they are currently in need of a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas! It’s that simple!

So ask yourself:

Do I want my business to drive more revenue?

Am I able to handle more customers?

Do I want to outrank my competition so I can start getting the business that they’re getting?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to get started sooner rather than later. To optimize a website for high traffic keywords generally takes about 6-9 months, so the sooner you start, the sooner you get to the point where you make a massive ROI from your investment in SEO.