Color Psychology

Colors have a ‪subconscious impact on consumers’ emotions.

Today we’ll talk about how your ‪business‬ can make more money by correctly implementing the magic of color.


[RED] – Physical
The color red has the property of appearing nearer than it actually is & therefor grabs our attention more than any other color. Using this color on marketing materials for products or for your phone number can show an increase of interaction by over 600%!
However, using a little too much red in areas that involve reading can cause eye strain.


[BLUE] – Intellectual
Blue affects us mentally rather than the physical reaction we have to Red. Strong Blues stimulate clear thought while lighter blues will calm the mind and aid in concentration. It also gives consumers a sense of trust and honesty.


[YELLOW] – Emotional
The strongest color psychologically is Yellow. It is the color of confidence & optimism. Using this color in marketing materials may deem very successful for family & children based companies like restaurants, dentists, & daycare.


[GREEN] – Balance
The even balance between the 3 primary colors. On a primitive level, Green indicates the presence of water & is a restful/reassuring color. It shows harmony, refreshment, & restoration. You’ll see this being used most in companies that represent organic, healthy, or natural sorts of products. Although using this color the wrong way can lead to being perceived as too bland.

Use these colors wisely as they can bring great benefits to your company!
(Even to get your employees in the right mindset)

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